Tred Chariot, home delivery

200 trucks mounted forklift

Tred Chariot

DHD direct home delivery

Established by the will of 4 companies of the Tred Union grouping in June 2013: transport Ageneau, Bailly Courouble, Blanchard Coutand, Cassier,

Tred Chariot is a Global Transport & Logistics ooffer for home delivery.

Web access allows to transmit orders and track shipments at any moment.
Deliveries regionalization with truck mounted forklift guarantee reliability of result on the whole territory:

  • reduced time & costs
  • optimized perimeter
  • less parasitic Kms and CO2 emissions

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland, Corsica, Spain...

Intermediate between manufacturer & consumer, Tred Chariot brings the greatest care to your shipments. Logistics planning, rdv, access control... Quality and result is our priority.

Tred Chariot, your DHD offer (Direct Home Delivery), innovative, connected to e-commerce, meet the needs today & tomorrow !

  • Heavy goods
  • Voluminous goods
  • Multidirectional mounted forklift
  • Reach 2m high
  • Closest to the need
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logo Tred Chariot
28, bd Gaston Birgé
49 100 Angers

+33 2 41 86 07 07

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Tred Chariot, 1st DHD* national network.

Tred Chariot offers manufacturers and importers a global Transport & logistics solution

* Direct home delivery