* Direct home delivery

Tred Chariot home delivery

Global Transport & Logistics offer

Regional, national and international

Tred Chariot is the 1st national distribution network, dedicated to home delivery with mounted forklift.

  • 13 logistics platforms & distribution
  • 250 trucks mounted forklift
  • + 25000 year deliveries

Supply chain: edi orders integration, receipt of goods, cross-dock, appointment with final customers, access control, planning of tours, home delivery with appropriate means, unloading closer to the need.

Web service: follow in real time, returning edi, online proof of delivery...

Tred Chariot now covers: France, Benelux, Switzerland, Corsica, Spain... and soon England!

Tred Chariot, your e-commerce DHD solution (Direct Home Delivery).

  • 200 trucks mounted forklift
  • national network
  • Tred Chariot videomasque video


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Tred Chariot, 1st DHD* national network.

Tred Chariot offers manufacturers and importers a global Transport & logistics solution

* Direct home delivery