Merry Christmas

Tred Chariot and the magic end of year celebrations

tred chariot_aout_2020

Planning alert

Calendar disrupted in August

Tred Chariot provides its LDD service with a schedule modified in S.33, 34 and 35.


Planning alert

Calendar disrupted in May

Tred Chariot provides its LDD service with a schedule modified in S.19, 21, 22 and 23.

SITL_tred chariot

SITL 2020 for Tred Chariot

Report of the show

The organizers of the SITL have confirmed the cancellation of the fair originally planned for March 17 to 20, 2020 in Villepinte.

Your FLD S + 1 solution

Freight Delivery Unloaded

Tred Chariot, always as close as possible to the need with a single contact.

happy_new_year_tred chariot

Happy festivities with Tred Chariot

Two Thousand and Twenty

The whole team wishes you a happy new year 2020.


Planning at the end of the year

DHD deliveries schedule disrupted

Due to public holidays, the DHD deliveries schedule is disrupted


New Horizons Tred Chariot

The DHD 2020 Transport Plan

Information about DHD Tred Chariot platforms in France and our team.

Weather alert at Tred Chariot

Snowy episode

The Tred Chariot team informs you that the DHD delivery schedule is disrupted due to weather conditions.

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