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A single price Tred Chariot 2015

A single price

All France

Because customers are countless, Tred Chariot deliver everywhere.

Packages are heavy or bulky, we unload closer to the need.

Because the market is global, we bring a suitable pricing.

Single price throughout France by article:

  • garden sheds
  • swimming pool covers
  • spas, saunas
  • verandas
  • constructions materials
  • garage doors, gates
  • joinery
  • pellets...

Since our 11 platforms grouping and distribution, control your costs with one click !

Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland, Corsica, Spain: contact us!





Merry Christmas

Tred Chariot and the magic end of year celebrations



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Tred Chariot, 1st DHD* national network.

Tred Chariot offers manufacturers and importers a global Transport & logistics solution

* Direct home delivery